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I watched the stars crash in the sea.

Week 16 - Legend of Zelda by System of a Down

This week's theme is brought to you by kumagorou_beam via the SUGGESTION THING.
Plz utilize it. :D

You may submit up to two icons for this (and every) theme.
You must have three consecutive words from the lyrics.
At least one word MUST be legible. If it's all tiny text that I can't read at all, I won't accept it.

Submissions are due by MONDAY,MAY 1 by 9pm MOUNTAIN TIME.
If you're curious as to why the schedule changed, it's because I'm going back to my horrible apartment, and until I get the 'net at home, I'm going to run contests from Monday to Monday. I won't have any way to get to the 'net on Fridays.
Stupid 40 hour work week.


Submit icons like this:

URL: http://www.livejournal.com/userpic/40249703/1346781
Comments: Anything we need to know (such as this icon was made by me, tsukitaichou)
Font(s) Used: I can't remember. Part of it was a brush. But shh. It's just an example.

The Legend of Zelda
System of a Down

Link, he come to town
Come to save the princess zelda
Ganon took her away
Now the children don’t play
But they will when Link saves the day

Now Link, fill up your hearts
So you can shoot your sword with power
And when you’re feeling all down
The fairy will come around
So you’ll be brave, and not a sissy coward

Now Link has saved the day
Put Ganon in his grave
So now Zelda is free
And now our hero shall be
Link! I think your name shall go down into history
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